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The requirements provided are supplied and updated regularly by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and only include entry requirements.

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On each flight to the United States of America there are passengers subjected to the Visa Waiver Program who are either not ESTA registered or not adequately registered.

As mentioned earlier, appropriate ESTA registration is mandatory to be allowed by the U.S. government to board the aircraft, and, consequently passengers who failed the ESTA registration may be refused, a process that is out of scope of the airline.

With reference to the first ESTA registration notification, dated March 30, 2010, please find below additional information that is very important for passengers under the Visa Waiver Program.

1. Passport requirements:

Passengers must be in possession of Machine Readable Passports (MRP) for electronic ESTA registration. Passengers in possession of manual passports must be in possession of a valid U.S. VISA (please see attached file for additional information);

2. Legitimate web links:

  • Even though there are various web sites to obtain information regarding ESTA and ESTA registration, only links below are considered legitimate by the Department of Homeland Security and therefore recognized as such by Surinam Airways:
  • For electronic ESTA registration , please visit:
  • For additional information regarding Visa Waiver Program and ESTA, please visit the official website of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection:

3. Passengers responsibilities:

  • Passengers must ensure that ESTA registration is exactly according to passport information;
  • Even though the validity of an ESTA registration is two (2) years, passengers must verify their information regularly and update if necessary

4. Carriers’ responsibility:

Carriers cannot be held liable in case of ESTA refusal by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Note: even if the passenger has initially received an ESTA confirmation/approval, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security always has the authority to revoke this confirmation/approval.

For further information, please visit above mentioned web links or contact the U.S. Embassy within your region.

If passengers are not correctly registered, airlines are not allowed to accept these passengers on their flights and therefore must deny these passengers.

Please be informed that Surinam Airways cannot be held liable for denying passengers on their flights to the U.S. if the ESTA registration has not been completed according to procedure.

As of November 25, 2011, nationals of the following countries who are travelling as a tourist, for pleasure, or to visit friends and relatives have the option to purchase a tourist card or apply for a visa. This list of countries has been updated as per  May 01, 2023.

1. Austria 11. Estonia 21. Italy 31. Paraguay 41. Turkey
2. Belgium 12. Finland 22. Latvia 32. Peru 42. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ierland
3. Bolivia  13. France 23. Liechtenstein 33. Portugal 43. United States of America
4. Canada 14. Germany 24. Lithania 34. Singapore 44. Uruguay
5. Chili 15. Greece 25. Luxembourg 35. Slovakia  
6. Costa Rica 16. Guatemala 26. Malta 36. Slovenia  
7. Czech Republic 17. Honduras 27. Mexico 37. Spain  
8. Denmark 18. Hongary 28. Nicaragua 38. Sweden  
9. Equador 19. Iceland 29. Norway 39. Switserland  
10. El Salvador 20. Indonesia 30. Panama 40. The Netherlands    

All citizens of the abovementioned countries who wish to visit Suriname can only apply for an E-Tourist card through the weblink

Effective January 01, 2020 you no longer can request and obtain for a TOURIST CARD upon arrival at the Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport. With the introduction of the EVISA this service has been discontinued.

The tourist card is short term, single entry and expires after 90 days.

Citizens of the aforementioned countries who would like to apply for a multiple entry tourist visa have to comply with the regular visa requirements procedure.

Starting from July 01, 2022 travelers wishing to visit Suriname for Tourism purposes, will be required to pay  a Entry Fee  to be admitted to the territory of the Republic of Suriname. 

As from  October 01, 2022 the payment of the Entry Fee is no longer possible upon arrival in Suriname. Request for the Entry permit and payment can only be through the online application of VFS Global. 
 See link  for more info and instructions. 

For some other reasons than tourism, travelers who will visit Suriname to negotiate business, attend conferences, training or make an exploratory business visit will have to apply for a business visa prior to arrival in Suriname and must complete the business visa requirements.

Application for a E-Visa can be via de weblink 

View the instructions how to apply


All Nationals and citizens of the below mentioned countries as from May 01, 2023  are required to apply for a E-VISA  via de weblink 


1. Afghanistan 6. Dominican Republic 11.  India 16. Nigeria 21. South Africa
2. Angola 7. Egypte 12.  Kameroen 17. Pakistan 22. Sri Lanka
3. Bangladesh 8. Eritrea 13.   Kenya 18. Peoples Republic of China 23. Tunisia
4. Colombia 9. Ghana 14.  Marocco 19. Romenie 24. Venezuela
5. Cuba 10. Haiti * 15.  Nepal 20. Somalia 25. Zambia

Please Note: The W confirmation numbers is not accepted as an approved Visa for travel to Suriname.

* Bearers of a Haitian Passport who are travelling to Suriname and have the required E-VISA, must meet the additonal entree requirements. Please read more on the page Travel Requirements.




All foreign visitors arriving in one of destinations are required to complete certain forms and go through certain formalities.

One of the required forms is a completed ED-card for Immigration clearance which needs to be presented upon arrival. At the moment the ED-cards are handed out on board our flights.

Should you be travelling to one of the destinations mentioned below, please read more about their ED-card and/or Custom Declaration form.

Passengers travelling onboard our flights to Curacao can compleet the E/D-card online.
The online card needs to be completed al least 24 hours before departure of the flight.
After completing the card online, there is no need to complete the paper version. Your digital information would be at display for the Border Management System in Curacao upon arrival.

Read more about the online ED-card

Please click on ED-card CURACAO to complete the card online.

Visit the  TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS page for more information.



The online card needs to be completed al least 72 hours before departure of the flight.

Please click on ED-card BARBADOS to complete the card online.

 Visit the  TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS page for more information.